SDTDK-系列提升机电控系统由主控台、电源柜(高压、低压)、换向柜(高压、低压、变频、直流调速)、继电器柜、动力制动柜可控硅调速柜、低频电源柜组成。主要控制环节采用两台高可靠性进口工业计算机,完善地解决了安全回路双线制问题。主要控制功能按冗余原则设计,电磁兼容性按GB/T17626 ( IEC801 )进行设计和试验,面板显示用触摸式彩色液晶显示屏显示各种静态、动态提升参数和速度图、力图等各种工作曲线。配以我公司研制电流检测模块、可调闸动力制动模块等技术成果,形成的产品具有逻辑电路可编程、安全回路双线制、执行器件模块化、参数显示彩屏化、低频电源数字化、报警直观化、给定测速程序化、执行器件电子化八大特点。适用于矿山竖井、斜井等以绕线转子交流电动机拖动的各种型号提升机。在多绳、多水平、双机、斜井、多定位等复杂的运行场合,其优越的工作性能尤其突出。




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Full digital mine hoist explosion-proof and intrinsically safe four-quadrant frequency conversion speed control system, consisting of integrated driver's operating console, mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe four-quadrant frequency conversion speed control device, mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe winch control box (including intrinsically safe counting sensor).

1. Main shaft and hub are entirely forged, and hub and friction spoke are connected with high-strength bolt. 2. It uses high-strength friction pad, with high frictional factor, good wear resistance and strong anti-corrosion, which absorbs vibrational energy of the wire rope, prevents twist of the wire rope, and can’t be soaked.

This product is designed and manufactured according to AQ1036-2007, "Safety Inspection Specification for Multi-Rope Friction Hoist for Coal Mine", GB/T10599-1988 "Multi-Rope Friction Hoist", "Coal Mine Safety Regulations", Q/XTD005-2010 "Multi-Rope Friction Hoist" and the current relevant mining machinery product standards. Mainly used in coal mines, metal mines, non-metallic mines ground shaft, for lifting minerals and lifting personnel, materials and equipment.

This product is designed and manufactured according to AQ1035- 2007 "Safety Inspection Specification for Single Rope Winding Mine Hoist for Coal Mine", GB/T20961-2007 "Single Rope Winding Mine Hoist", "Coal Mine Safety Regulations", Q/XTD003- 2009 "Single Rope Winding Mine Hoist" and the current relevant mining machinery product standards. It is mainly used in the vertical or inclined shafts of coal, metal and non-metal mines to lift and lower minerals, personnel and materials.

According to the characteristics of mine hoist with high load variation, speed regulation performance and high safety and reliability requirements, our company and Shenyang University of Technology, Dalian Electric Machinery Factory and other professional research institutes and production units after years of joint research, developed an intelligent internal permanent magnet synchronous motor direct-drive mine hoist, which has obtained a number of technical patents and domestic and international expert approval, and the actual operation effect is good and customer satisfaction is very high.

THS type multi-rope friction hoist first rope quick replacement device is suitable for all kinds of floor type and tower type multi-rope friction hoist first rope replacement at the same time. Its step-type rope introduction device, the wire rope into the sky wheel and roller Jane, greatly improve the efficiency of rope replacement, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the safety of rope replacement process. The product has stepping fixed device and interlocking stepping moving device which can easily adjust the size of clamping force and control its open and closed loop condition, solving the problems of rope introduction, rope feeding, anti-winding, anti-labeling and tension unbalance; controlled anti-running device which can safely self-lock with double friction vice wedge; automatic control system which can monitor and control the whole process of fast rope changing device. The relevant experts identified, up to the international advanced level. Its main technical features are.

JTP series mining hoisting is mainly used in lifting coal, ore, gangue, staff, materials, tools, equipment, etc. in silo and inclined hole. The main shaft uses split type or integral type flexible structure winding drum, with uniform load and high strength. The disc brake uses rear oil cylinder, flexibly, safely and reliably, which can’t contaminate the brake, have the functions of hydraulic delay and two-level braking, and can contact at the well head automatically. The double-drum hoist has radially tooth-type rope-regulating clutch. The transmission is equipped with planetary reducer or parallel shaft hard tooth surface reducer. The electric equipment has electric protection and interlocking device, and can be match with PLC electronic control or frequency conversion speed-regulating electronic control. Offer dynamic braking according to customer demands.

The series of hoisting winches are mainly used for vertical and inclined shafts to lift coal, ore, gangue, as well as lifting personnel, materials, tools and equipment. The main shaft device adopts split type or integral elastic structure reel, the reel is evenly stressed and strong, the disc brake is oil cylinder rear type, flexible action, no oil stained brake disc, safe and reliable with hydraulic delayed secondary braking performance, and can be automatically contacted at the wellhead; the double barrel hoist is equipped with radial tooth block type rope adjusting clutch; the transmission part can be configured with planetary reducer or parallel shaft hard tooth surface reducer. Electrical has the necessary various electrical protection and interlocking devices, optional PLC electric control, frequency conversion speed control electric control. Power brake is provided according to requirements.

JZ series shaft winch has the advantages of strong lifting capacity, large rope capacity and smooth operation. It is mainly used in the shaft boring project of metal and non-metal mines to suspend the crane plate, water pump, wind pipe, grouting pipe and other boring equipment and tension the stable rope, and can also be used for lifting heavy objects in other shafts and on the ground.