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Head Sheave

The head sheave uses one-piece casting structure, and can be divided into fixed head sheave, mobile head sheave, etc. The head sheave is used as supporting and steering of the wire rope. The rope race has plastic lining or rubber block, which can prolong service life of the wire rope.
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Signal System

This signal system is a multi-level hoist signal device that uses a programmable controller for signal processing and transmission. The system consists of: a signal station at the wellhead and a signal station for each intermediate section downhole. Each section is centrally controlled by the PLC at the wellhead signal station, and only - a DP bus communication is required between each middle section to realize signal contact.
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DC Speed Control System

SDTDK series electric control equipment, according to user requirements, can provide high-voltage, low-voltage with power brake, string resistance speed regulation ordinary type; single motor, double motor drive, etc.. The system consists of motor forward and reverse circuit, rotor resistance removal control circuit, adjustable brake and speed limit protection control, power braking circuit, rope regulation signal and interlock circuit, safety circuit interlock and auxiliary circuit. The encoder and Hall sensor are used as the closed loop of equal speed section and deceleration section over speed when used with adjustable brake and power brake to make the system achieve safe and stable deceleration and braking stop.
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High Voltage Variable Frequency Speed Control System

This product is suitable for the speed control of AC motors with power supply voltage from 3KV to 10KV and motor power from 200 to 5000KW. The high voltage frequency conversion device adopts new technologies such as phase shifting rectification, power unit series superposition, true rotor flux vector control and active front-end energy feedback, etc. The technology has reached international advanced level and filled the gap in China.
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Low-Voltage Inverter Speed Control System

This system is a newly developed frequency control system specially for hoisting equipment with Swiss ABB ACS800 (or Wicken/Siemens) series frequency converter as the main control equipment. The system has constant torque, low-speed start 100% torque, smooth and reliable acceleration in the whole cycle can effectively limit or eliminate the elastic vibration of the hoisting wire rope, to ensure the accuracy of the stop in place, the error does not exceed ± 3cm. 6 pulsation control mode for the main circuit, can run in four quadrants in accordance with the predetermined speed map and hoisting requirements, to complete the hoist acceleration, equal speed, deceleration operation of automatic regulation, with Over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage and over-speed protection functions. It also has the advantages of suppressing surge voltage, energy saving and noise reduction, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It is versatile for different hoists and can be connected to different hydraulic stations. It can be widely used in metal and non-metal mines to lift the slant shaft or shaft, lower the material and transport the personnel.
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Networked Operator Console

The structure is table type operation desk, which can meet the requirements of operation mode selection, signal display, operation status display, fault display and alarm, etc., and can add printing record function to ensure safe operation. The console is equipped with indicator lights, meters, selection switches, control handles, gate control handles, buttons, sound equipment, etc.; it can realize the requirements of various control processes for hoist operation. Built-in auxiliary control PLC adopts the way of bus communication with the main control PLC, so that any operation and display are two lines.
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Speed Reducer

The TDJN series medium hardened gear reducer independently developed by the company is designed by modular method, gears and tooth shafts are made of high quality alloy steel carburized and quenched, concentric input and output shafts, compact structure, uniform tooth load distribution, high strength, low noise, low vibration, smooth transmission, and gears can be used for long-term maintenance-free.
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Skywheel Series

Sky wheel adopts the whole casting structure or welded structure, can be divided into: fixed sky wheel, swimming sky wheel, etc.. It is used for supporting and guiding the wire rope steering, and the rope groove is lined with plastic or rubber block to prolong the service life of the wire rope.
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Disc Brake

The hoist disc brake is a newly designed oil cylinder rear mounted disc brake, which is characterized by more reasonable structure, better sealing performance, safety and reliability, and flexible action.
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