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SDTDK-Full digital mine hoist explosion-proof and intrinsically safe four-quadrant inverter speed regulation electronic control system

Full digital mine hoist explosion-proof and intrinsically safe four-quadrant frequency conversion speed control system, consisting of integrated driver's operating console, mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe four-quadrant frequency conversion speed control device, mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe winch control box (including intrinsically safe counting sensor).
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SDTDK-Series hoist electromechanical control system

SDTDK a series of AC hoisting machine control system consists of the main console, power supply cabinet (high voltage, low voltage), commutation cabinet (high voltage, low voltage, frequency conversion, DC speed control), relay cabinet, power brake cabinet thyristor speed control cabinet, low frequency power supply cabinet. The main control link uses two highly reliable imported industrial computer. Perfectly solve the problem of safety circuit two-wire system. The main control functions are designed according to the principle of redundancy. Electromagnetic compatibility according to - GB/T17626 (IEC801) for design and testing. The panel display shows various static and dynamic lifting parameters and various working curves such as speed hoarding and force diagram with touch color LCD. Equipped with our company developed cL-1 type current detection module, KD-03 type adjustable gate power brake module and other technical achievements. The product has eight characteristics, such as programmable logic circuit, two-wire safety circuit, modular actuating device, color screen for parameter display, low-frequency power supply, visualization of alarm, programmed speed measurement, and electronic actuating device. It is suitable for various types of hoist driven by winding rotor AC motor in mine shaft and inclined shaft. Its superior working performance is especially outstanding in complex operating situations such as multi-rope, multi-level, double machine, inclined shaft and multi-positioning.
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Network Intelligent High-Voltage Ac Electric Control System

VS1 series vacuum circuit breaker is used, and various necessary instruments and protection equipment are attached. The high-voltage power supply cabinet adopts double incoming lines, one feeder line, incoming interlock function, interlocking in the cabinet, loss of voltage, overcurrent, overvoltage absorption, lightning protection and other protection measures. It is also equipped with manual and electric operation functions.
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DC Speed Regulation System

The automatic control system uses control module of Siemens 6RA70 series all-digital display DC speed regulating device as trigger device of thyristor or original rectified power module according to customer demands. The thyristor can be configured single-set 6-pulsation or parallel-serial 12-pulsation according to customer demands. For 12-pulsation, when one-set thyristor goes wrong, it can be switched 12-pulsation into 6-pulsation to work well, so it has high cost performance and easy maintenance and repair for DC motor.
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Networked Control Console

Desk control console can meet some requirements on operation mode selection, signal display, running state display, fault display, warning, etc., and has record printing function, guaranteeing safe operation. The desk control console has indicator light, instrument, option switch, control handle, brake control handle, button, sound equipment, etc.: meeting the requirements on control technologies of the hoists. Built-in auxiliary control PLC uses the mode of main control PLC bus communication, so any operations and displays are dual lines.
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High-voltage Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation System

The system is applied to speed regulation control of the AC motor (Supply Voltage: 3Kv~10Kv; Power: 200~5000Kw). High-voltage frequency conversion device uses some new technologies such as phase-shifting rectification, power unit series overlapping wave, vector flux control, AFE energy feedback, etc., according to experts' appraisal: these technologies meet internationally advanced level; fill in domestic blank; excellent operating characteristics; good energy-saving effect; enhance high-efficiency, energy saving and safe production of mining industry effectively. The system is the best combination of electric control and transmission technology of AC hoist, and has become the first choice of modern mine construction.
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Networked Intelligent Low-voltage AC Electric Control System

SDTDK series electric control equipment, according to customer demands, provide high-voltage, low-voltage with power brake, series resistance speed regulation ordinary type; single-motor, double-motor transmission, etc. The system consists of forward and reverse loops of the motor, rotor resistance removal control loop, adjustable brake and speed limit protection control, power brake loop, rope-regulating signal and interlocking loop, safety interlocking loop and auxiliary loop. The system uses coder and Hall sensor can be matched with adjustable brake and power brake in speed closed-loop control of constant-speed stage and speed-reducing stage, making the system slow down, brake and stop stably.
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Low-voltage Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation System

The system uses ABB ACS800 series transducer as main control equipment, specially designed for frequency conversion system of the hoisting equipment. The system has constant torque and low-speed starting 100% torque, speeding up stably and reliably. In the whole circulation, the system can effectively stop or remove the elastic vibration of the wire rope, guaranteeing accuracy of positioning and stopping, with error less than ±3cm. Main loop is 6-pulsation control mode, which can work according to set speed and hoisting requirements within four quadrants, regulate speed acceleration, constant speed and speed reduction of the hoist automatically, and has some protection functions of over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-speed, etc. Besides, the system has some advantages of surge voltage control, energy saving, easy operation and maintenance. The system is universal to various hoists, which can be connected with various hydraulic stations. The system is widely used in lifting materials and staff in inclined shaft or silo of coal mine, metal mine and non-metal mine.
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SDTDK Series Hoist Electric Control System

SDTDK series AC hoist electric control system consists of a main control console, a power cabinet (high-voltage, low voltage), a reversing cabinet (high-voltage, low voltage, frequency conversion, DC speed regulation), a relay cabinet, a power braking cabinet, a silicon-controlled speed-regulating cabinet, and a low-frequency power cabinet. The main control unit uses two high-reliability imported industrial computer, solving the problems of double wire system of safety loop perfectly. The main control functions are designed according to redundancy principle. The electromagnetic compatibility is designed and tested according to GB/T17626 (IEC801). The panel display uses touch-type color LCD to display all kinds of working curves of static/dynamic hoisting parameters, speed, force, etc. The system is matched with our technical results, such as cL-1 current testing module, KD-03 adjustable brake power braking module, etc., featured by programmable logic circuit, double wire system of safety loop, executive element modularization, color screen display of parameters, all-digital low-frequency power supply, visualized warning, programmable set speed, electronic executive elements, etc. The system is used in various hoists driven by winding rotor AC motor in silo and inclined hole. In such situations as multi-rope, multi-level, double machines, inclined shaft, multi-location, etc., the system works well.
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Network Intelligent Low-Voltage Ac Electric Control System

SDTDK series electric control equipment, according to the requirements of monthly households. We can provide high voltage, low voltage with power brake, series resistance speed control ordinary type; single motor, double motor drive, etc.
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High Voltage Variable Frequency Speed Control System

This product is suitable for the speed control of AC motor with power supply voltage from 3Kv to 10Kv and motor power from 200 to 5000Kw. The high voltage frequency conversion device adopts new technologies such as phase shifting rectification, series superposition of power units, real turn on flux vector control and active front-end energy placement feedback, etc. The technology has reached the international advanced level according to the expert appraisal. It fills the blank in China. System operation characteristics are extremely good. The energy-saving effect is remarkable. Effectively improve the mining industry's energy efficiency and safety production. It is the best group table solution of AC hoist electrical control and transmission technology. Has become a modern mine construction program.
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DC Adjustment Systems

The electronic control system uses the control unit of the 6RA70 series fully digital DC speed control device produced by Siemens in Germany as the thyristor trigger device or the user needs to use the original rectifier power unit.
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