Shandong Taiding New Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Tiding Technology is a large mining hoisting equipment development, production and sales in one professional enterprise


◆ Corporate Spirit:

Harmonious Innovation, Market Expansion, United Struggle, Common Development

◆ Business Philosophy:

Pioneering & Innovative, To Develop Market-orientedly.

High Quality & High Efficiency, To Serve Customers Whole-heartedly.

◆ Operation Rule

Practical & Pragmatic, Create First-rate Service Brand, Build up Perfect Corporate Image

Management Concept:

“No Attention, No Innovation”; “No Competition, No Development”

◆ Interpretation of Concept – Build up Brand Culture.

Rugged stable letter logo presents our industrial nature of heavy-type machinery and safety. A and N neighbor and form an upward red triangle, which present the hoisting nature of the mining hoist as well as our strong development trend. The red triangle stands out of the letters, just as a gold mountain (mine) of wealth on the horizon, bringing the enterprise and the society considerable benefit. The red triangle and the letters below the red triangle form drive-like T-shaped blank graph.