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JTP Mining Hoisting Winch

JTP series mining hoisting is mainly used in lifting coal, ore, gangue, staff, materials, tools, equipment, etc. in silo and inclined hole. The main shaft uses split type or integral type flexible structure winding drum, with uniform load and high strength. The disc brake uses rear oil cylinder, flexibly, safely and reliably, which can’t contaminate the brake, have the functions of hydraulic delay and two-level braking, and can contact at the well head automatically. The double-drum hoist has radially tooth-type rope-regulating clutch. The transmission is equipped with planetary reducer or parallel shaft hard tooth surface reducer. The electric equipment has electric protection and interlocking device, and can be match with PLC electronic control or frequency conversion speed-regulating electronic control. Offer dynamic braking according to customer demands.
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JTP series mining hoisting

The series of hoisting winches are mainly used for vertical and inclined shafts to lift coal, ore, gangue, as well as lifting personnel, materials, tools and equipment. The main shaft device adopts split type or integral elastic structure reel, the reel is evenly stressed and strong, the disc brake is oil cylinder rear type, flexible action, no oil stained brake disc, safe and reliable with hydraulic delayed secondary braking performance, and can be automatically contacted at the wellhead; the double barrel hoist is equipped with radial tooth block type rope adjusting clutch; the transmission part can be configured with planetary reducer or parallel shaft hard tooth surface reducer. Electrical has the necessary various electrical protection and interlocking devices, optional PLC electric control, frequency conversion speed control electric control. Power brake is provided according to requirements.
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