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  • Name: SDTDK Series Hoist Electric Control System
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  • Added time: 2012-06-09
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SDTDK series AC hoist electric control system consists of a main control console, a power cabinet (high-voltage, low voltage), a reversing cabinet (high-voltage, low voltage, frequency conversion, DC speed regulation), a relay cabinet, a power braking cabinet, a silicon-controlled speed-regulating cabinet, and a low-frequency power cabinet. The main control unit uses two high-reliability imported industrial computer, solving the problems of double wire system of safety loop perfectly. The main control functions are designed according to redundancy principle. The electromagnetic compatibility is designed and tested according to GB/T17626 (IEC801). The panel display uses touch-type color LCD to display all kinds of working curves of static/dynamic hoisting parameters, speed, force, etc. The system is matched with our technical results, such as cL-1 current testing module, KD-03 adjustable brake power braking module, etc., featured by programmable logic circuit, double wire system of safety loop, executive element modularization, color screen display of parameters, all-digital low-frequency power supply, visualized warning, programmable set speed, electronic executive elements, etc. The system is used in various hoists driven by winding rotor AC motor in silo and inclined hole. In such situations as multi-rope, multi-level, double machines, inclined shaft, multi-location, etc., the system works well.

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