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  • Name: Low-voltage Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation System
  • Number: 1003
  • Added time: 2012-06-10
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The system uses ABB ACS800 series transducer as main control equipment, specially designed for frequency conversion system of the hoisting equipment. The system has constant torque and low-speed starting 100% torque, speeding up stably and reliably. In the whole circulation, the system can effectively stop or remove the elastic vibration of the wire rope, guaranteeing accuracy of positioning and stopping, with error less than ±3cm. Main loop is 6-pulsation control mode, which can work according to set speed and hoisting requirements within four quadrants, regulate speed acceleration, constant speed and speed reduction of the hoist automatically, and has some protection functions of over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-speed, etc. Besides, the system has some advantages of surge voltage control, energy saving, easy operation and maintenance. The system is universal to various hoists, which can be connected with various hydraulic stations. The system is widely used in lifting materials and staff in inclined shaft or silo of coal mine, metal mine and non-metal mine.


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